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Get the Grade Game: Interactive Session for Better Basin Management

Thursday - 14:30 - 16:00


Sharing , Partners , Partners


Room 25


[SS-PT-03] As we tap our freshwater resources, the impacts of our actions, the current status of basin health and the role of climate change are rarely measured or available in a format that is accessible to communities, policymakers, corporations and media. Without a common understanding of the state of the system, it is difficult to make decisions that secure water for all who depend on it. Basin report cards create a shared vision for sustainable basin management and spur action towards improvement. Some places, like the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Barrier Reef, have ongoing report cards that are go-to resources for media, advocates, businesses and public officials seeking to understand and safeguard water resources. Get the Grade, a serious game, uses “play” to explain the complicated but critical process of stakeholder engagement in natural resource management, and introduce report cards as a tool for bringing diverse water users together for better basin governance. In the game, the room the group is in represents a river basin, and each table represents a sub-basin within that basin. Each player represents a stakeholder who lives in a given sub-basin. Presented with a variety of decisions, players must choose the course of action that is best for the stakeholder they represent. The game creates an opportunity for a range of people—policymakers, conservationists, companies, community representatives, and other stakeholders—to experience and embrace the complexities of basin management, and the benefits of working together to share freshwater resources. For more information on the game, visit


Catherine Blancard, WWF,