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Closing Session on ECOSYSTEMS

Thursday - 14:30 - 16:00




Room 29


The Ecosystems Theme will be holding 12 ordinary sessions during the 8th Forum week. This includes 3 sessions on managing and restoring ecosystems for water services and biodiversity, directly aligned with SDGs 6.6 and 15.1 (and relevant to 6.4). There are 3 sessions on addressing water quality and pollution of downstream ecosystems (directly aligned with SDGs 6.3 and 14.1). The remaining two cross-cutting topics (6 sessions) focus on strategies to reduce water pollution and protect and restore freshwater ecosystems. These cover the integrated use of natural and engineered solutions (‘green and grey’) to cost-effectively reduce the threats to freshwater ecosystems and water security. They also focus on landuse planning and management to improve resilience and better manage urban and agricultural catchments. The Theme will also be discussed in one of six Ministerial Thematic Roundtables, and several other sessions from other Forum processes.


The Thematic Closing Session will bring the highlights of the debates together and provide a list of recommendations for action to be implemented in the short and long term, as well as potential actors to be involved, and this way contribute to the Thematic outcomes, with the following content:

a. Key political messages

b. Specific linkages to international frameworks and how these messages should be taken into account

c. Current state of affairs of the theme

d. Short-term Goals (where do we need to be in 2021 and 2024?)

e. Long-term Goals (where do we need to be in 2030?)

f. How do we get there? (plan for scaling up, including some focus on good practices)


A brief summary of the overall Thematic outcome, building on the 9 Thematic Closing Sessions, will be presented at the Closing Plenary, leading to the subsequent, more detailed Final Forum Report.

The final purpose of the Ecosystems Closing Session is to contribute to the outcomes of the 8th Forum in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda /SDG’s, and to ensure continuity towards the Forums to come.



Stuart Bunn

Anik Bhaduri

Lorena Penna

Maria Rivera

Oscar de Moraes Cordeiro Netto

Hania Gazetta Ribeiro


Sergio Henrique Alves

Marta Morosini

Lucilla Minella

Stefan Uhlenbrook

Claire Miller

Alice Colson

Callum Clench

Eric Tardieu

Edouard Boinet

Samuel Barrêto

Ik Jae Kim

Dionysis Assimacopoulos

Mark Smith

Nilo de Oliveira Nascimento

Ferdnando Mariano Brito Silva

Fabiana de Góis Aquino

Jorge Werneck Lima

Brigitte Vinçon Leite

Marie-Christine Bert

Matthew Andersen

Camila Campos

Rafael Machado Mello

Maria Angelica Sotomayor

Thadeu Abicalil

Yvonilde Dantas Pinto Medeiros

Christian Severin

Marcelo Pires da Costa

Shannon L

Calvin Creech

Ik Jae Kim

David Wilk

Suzanne Ozment

Jan Cassin

Nilo de Oliveira Nascimento

Marlos De Souza

Bruno Avila Eça de Matos

Kaisa Uusimaa

Annie Hermansson

Su Kuk Yi