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Efficiency of indicators to foster sustainable use of water

Wednesday - 16:30 - 18:00


Thematic Process , Sustainability Focus Group


Room 36


[SS-J-SFG+TP 05] Indicators are widely used in all areas of knowledge and management. They are basically a measure, usually quantitative, that can be used to illustrate and communicate a complex set of phenomena in a simple way, including trends and progress over time. In the case of water resources management there are many indicators in use and a greater number under discussion with numerous proposals for its application. In general, the simplest indicators to be obtained are used in management because they can be obtained even in river basins with few monitoring data. On the other hand, they represent a rather limited view of the overall situation, generally not including important elements covering environmental and social issues, for example. The more complex indicators such as the water footprint are more difficult to obtain and monitor. And because they are more complex and wider, they also go through more technical questions. However, the importance of using indicators not only for the management of water resources, but also for the awareness and information of the society that has no technical knowledge on the hydrological parameters is not ruled out. Thus, the discussion about the proper use of each indicator and its application in improving the management of water resources is a relevant topic that needs to be discussed in order to contribute to the advancement in the sustainable use of water. This session will discuss several indicators and assess the most appropriate situations for their use, always aiming at a sustainable, transparent and participatory management of water resources. 


•    Júlio César Pascale Palhares 
Researcher at Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste – Environmental Impact Assessment and Water Management in Livestock Production



•    Laurent BELLET 
Water and Energy Advisor for EDF Group at the Sustainable Development Division

•    Benjamin GESTIN 
General Manager at Eau de Paris

•    Glaucia Terreo  
Director at Global Reporting Initiative – GRI - Brazil

•    José Antônio Sena do Nascimento
Environmental Economic Accounting Supervisor at IBGE