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Continued funding of water research.

Wednesday - 16:30 - 18:00


Finance , Partners , Partners


Rooms 19, 20, 21


[SS-PT-02] This session proposes a discussion on stable and sustained funding to support research in the area of sanitation and water resources aimed at improving technologies, systems, practices, methodologies, processes and procedures, with the following objectives: - to discuss mechanisms, processes and solutions for guarantee the continuous financing of actions aimed at the development of scientific research, technologies and synthesis of knowledge in the area of water resources; - propose ways to strengthen and improve human resources training and capacity building initiatives; - define strategies for communicating and disseminating ideas and solutions to problems related to availability and water quality in an efficient manner, adaptable to different local realities. This session is complementary to the High Level Panel proposed by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). During the discussions it is hoped to identify effective ways to finance in a stable and continuous way the best experiences, optimizing existing resources and involving users, water and sanitation agencies, and decision makers from different levels of governance, as well as guiding possible mechanisms and financing instruments aimed at compiling and disseminating existing and dispersed information, how to transform it into applicable products, processes and methodologies, and how to make them accessible to society. In order to implement stock financing, new financing models (Foundations, Networking - JPIs, Private Sectors, Seed Money) should be devised, involving partnerships between the different spheres of government and private initiative, making decisions that include the various sectors of society

Organizer: CNPq - Brazil – Mario Neto Borges - President (; José Ricardo Santana – Director of Institutional Cooperation (; Marcelo Marcos Morales – Director of Rural Sciences, Biology and Health ( Co-convenors: CAPES - Brasil – Abílio A. Baeta Neves - President (; CONFAP - Brasil – Maria Zaira Turchi – President (