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SPECIAL SESSION - From the 7th to the 8th World Water Forum: Three years of Implementation Roadmaps

Wednesday - 16:30 - 18:00




Room 33



Implementation Roadmaps (IRs) emanated from the 7th World Water Forum as a mechanism to support continued progress on key water-related issues in between editions of the World Water Forum. They meant to catalyse collective learning and action for water, in addition to identifying ways for the international water community to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
Sixteen different roadmaps were created, based on the 7th World Water Forum’s Thematic Framework, each one piloted by respected members of the international water community who mobilize a wider range of partners (DGIC Champions). 
By harmonizing efforts to move forward on the global water agenda, Implementation Roadmaps provide a much-needed framework to help achieve water security and ensure a sustainable, resilient world for future generations. Indeed, they provide dynamic guidance for 90 organizations and other stakeholders to rise to common challenges, offering results that are more impactful than what can be achieved individually. Everyone is welcome to contribute.
This special session aims at highlighting IRs achievements of the three past years. To this occasion the World Water Council and Korea Water Forum will launch a final publication compiling successful case studies of implementation of these Roadmaps in addition to their formal contribution to the 2018 High-Level Political Forum, which will be reviewing the SDG 6. 
The expected outcomes are (1) to bridge the 7th and the 8th edition of the World Water Forum, (2) learn about an innovative mechanism catalyzing multistakeholders action and (3) contribute to global processes, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Session Participants:

Jung-moo Lee
Benedito Braga
Jaeheyon Park
Soontak Lee
Soontak Lee
Paulo Salles
Ahmet Saatci
Torkil Jønch Clausen
Abdoulaye Sene
Hyoseop Woo
Sarantuyya Zandaryaa
Christophe Le Jallé
Neil Dhot
Tetsuya Ikeda
Toshio Koike
Emmanuel Grenier
Michel De Vivo
Olcay Ünver
Corinne Trommesdorff
Katherine Cross
Julie Perkins
Jose Luis Martin Bordes
Ju Hee Jeung
Kyongho Mun
Alice Colson
Callum Clench
Alexandros Makarigakis
Joshua Newton
Thomas Panella
Shruit Mehata
Aziza Akhmouch
Hakan Tropp
Delphine Clavreul
Jean François Donzier
Diana Iskreva-Idigo
Edouard Boinet
Sandra Brühlmann
Ada L. Benavides
John Matthews
Jean Hugues Hermant
Pierre Victoria
Rabi Mohtar
Koen Overkamp
Laura Basco Carrera
Camilo Benitez
Austrid Hilelrs
Tales Carvalho Resende
Jiyeon Lee