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The Global Pact for the Environment A business-compatible project?

Wednesday - 13:00 - 14:00




Room 2



Veolia, France

For more than 30 years, the international community has tried to find multilateral answers to the unprecedented degradation of our planet and our environment, which compromises the future of next generations. Initially launched by a group of more than 80 renowned international legal experts from 40 countries, the project of a Global Pact for the Environment was immediately supported by France. France organized a Summit for the Global pact for the environment during the United Nations General Assembly in September 2017. After the success of the 2030 agenda, then the Paris agreement, both concluded in 2015, the Global Pact for the Environment is now the occasion to conclude the first international treaty that will gather and harmonize all existing environmental laws in one single document. Built as a bottom up initiative from civil-society, it is a tool for governments to help them implementing environmental rules and principles, and for civil society – businesses, citizens - as a whole to benefit from an internationally unified environmental law. What would be the strengths and opportunities of the Global Pact for Environment from the private sector’s perspective? How could it help to develop sustainable business?

Perspective of international lawyers :
•     Antonio Benjamin, National High Court of Brazil, STJ and Global Judicial Institute
on the Environment.
•     Yann Aguila, President of the Environment Commission of the Club des Juristes,
member of the legal expert group of the global pact for the environment.

Business interests and initiatives :
•     Pierre Victoria, Senior VP sustainable development, Veolia.
•     Eric Soubeiran, Global Nature and Climate Director, Danone.

Governments taking actions for a sustainable eco-friendly economy:
•     Reinaldo Salgado. Director of the Department for Environmental. Sustainability.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil, and Coordinator of the Political Process of the 8th
World Water Forum.
•     Xavier Sticker, Ambassador for the Environment, French government.

Jean-Hugues Hermant