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Possibilities and constraints for the Rio Doce Basin revitalization

Thursday - 16:00 - 18:00




Room 4



Fundação Renova, Brasil

Due to the rupture of the Fundão dam, operated by the mining company Samarco, in November 2015, in the municipality of Mariana - Minas Gerais - Brazil, the Renova Foundation was created. Its mission is to implement and manage 42 restoration and compensation programs in the regions impacted by the disaster along the Rio Doce river basin, defined in a Transaction Term and Adjustment of Conduct (TTAC).

TTAC is a term in which Samarco, Vale and BHP Billiton agree to fund recovery of all damages. The Brazilian Federal Government, the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, as well as state institutes and foundations, which technically regulate social and environmental aspects impacted by the rupture, also support an unprecedented governance model, following the greatest tragedy in the mining sector in the country. The entire Rio Doce Basin was affected by the rupture of the Fundão dam and has been monitored since November 2015. In June of 2017, the Renova Foundation implemented, in a compensatory manner, the Quali-quantitative Systematic Monitoring of Water and Sediments of the Rio Doce , Coastal Zone and Estuaries (PMQQS), which will last ten years and already makes the Doce river the most monitored in Brazil. In this scenario, the proposal of the Renova Foundation's side event is to present and discuss, in a roundtable discussion with several actors, the challenges for the recovery of the River Doce basin and the consequent construction of a referential to act in the revitalization of water courses impacts with a multistakeholder governance that provides for collective construction in all processes.

Marcelo Leite - Journalist, Moderator
José Carlos Carvalho - Coordinator of the Technical Committee
Marcelo Belisário - President of the Interfederative Committee
Representative of the Interfederative Committee - TBC
Luciane Teixeira Martins - President of the Doce River Basin Committee
Maria Auxiliadora Souza - Member of the Consultive Board and representative from the affected communities
Roberto Waack - President of the Renova Foundation

Patricia de Araujo Bernardes
Fundação Renova